Extension of Long Stop Date



Reference is made to the Announcement (the “Announcement”) and Circular of Northeast Electric Development Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) dated 5 April 2017, 21 April 2017, 20 December 2017, and 11 June 2018 respectively, in relation to the Subscription. Capitalised terms used in this Announcement shall have the same meanings as those defined in the Announcement unless otherwise stated herein.

As disclosed in the Announcement, Completion shall be conditional upon the fulfillment or waiver of the Conditions before the Long Stop Date. 

Since additional time is required to prepare for Completion, the Parties entered into the Side Letter, and had agreed to extend the Long Stop Date to 30 June 2019 or such other date as the Parties may agree in writing. Save for the aforesaid extension of the Long Stop Date, all other terms and conditions of the Subscription Agreement remain unchanged and in full force and effect in all respects.

The above Side Letter was approved at the 30th Meeting of the eighth Session of Board of Directors of the Company on 3 December 2018 for entry into force.

                                                                                                                   By order of the Board

                                                             Li Tie


Haikou, Hainan Province, the PRC

3 December 2018

As at the date of the Announcement, the Board of Directors comprises of six executive directors, namely Mr. Li Tie, Mr. Li Rui, Mr. Zhu Jie, Mr. Qin Jianmin, Mr. Bao Zongbao, and Mr. Su Weiguo; and three independent directors, namely Mr. Li Ming, Mr. Jin Wenhong and Mr. Qian Fengsheng.